We’ve just launched a special new area of, where you can make your own remix of ‘Fire With Fire’ and create your own Night Work artwork – you’ll find it at

The twist is that you will only be able to work on the site at night – from 7pm until 7am, when you will be able to play with Scissor Sisters audio and visual assets. The site will then become a virtual gallery during daytime hours (from 7am-7pm), giving you the chance to see what everyone else has been up to overnight.

You can vote for your favorite creations using the Facebook ‘Like’ application, and later this year, the top three remixes and top three art pieces will be presented to the band, who will then choose their favorites.

The winning art will be printed up professionally, whilst the winning remix will get pressed up as a white label. Both will be signed by the Scissor Sisters and a super-limited number of them will be made available to fans online, making some exclusive fan merchandise created by the fans.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with…

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