UPDATE: A few people have asked us to extend the deadline for this, to allow everyone the chance to get their videos in. So, we’re now giving you until December 8th to get yours in. (Thanks to everyone who’s sent one so far – we’re very impressed!)

Don’t forget, we’re still looking for your version of Fire With Fire for a new video. Can you sing or play an instrument? Then record your best version of “Fire with Fire” and send it to your Sisters at That’s what ClassyHix above, did (great job!).

Here’s a reminder of the guidelines for your performance:

1) Be in key (Fire with Fire is in C#)
2) Be in rhythm
3) Have the background music as LOW as possible — we want to hear YOU, not the band (you could always have the track playing on a discreet headphone)
4) Feel free to play any part you want — background/harmony vocals, piano, guitar, bass, drums… we want it ALL.
5) And most importantly, give it all you got!!! The best, most moving performances will be chosen…

Upload your video to a video sharing site (YouTube etc) and send the link to by December 1st, 2010. By submitting your video link to us, you’re granting us permission to use it in the video. In the email, also include your name, where you’re from, where you shot this (recording studio, parents’ basement, your bedroom, etc.) and then sit back, grab a drink, and wait to see if you’ll be singing with Jake, Ana, Del & Babydaddy!!!

Oh, and here are the lyrics…

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